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PAP/PSP Project Management

With an increase in the availability of healthcare access, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry have been striving to provide a better patient journey. Medybiz stands out for providing quality care and a smooth healthcare continuum to patients through its well established data based support / assistance programs.

Medybiz has 14 years of experience in providing services to top pharmaceutical companies in India. Our services include a patient helpline, document verification/validation, PAN India distribution, TAT based delivery, inventory management .

How We Work

  • E-verification process for receiving documents

  • Maker-checker concept for documents validation

  • OPT verification for medicine delivery

  • Internal & external audit

  • Secure data management

  • Warehouse management for inventory

  • Best Logistic services

Distribution S

Distribution Services

Our distribution services include, TAT based delivery, inventory management and tech-enabled data management. We serve from 16+ branches in India, with hubs in 4 metros like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. We are serving Cold chain products with 8500+ pin-codes and non-cold chain with 14000+ pin-codes pan India.

How we Work

  • All Medybiz locations are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

  • Centralized data loggers are installed that monitors temperature. Data reviewed on weekly basis

  • Quality audits (physical audit) are done once in a six month and documented the same

  • FEFO (First Expiry First Out) method is implemented to store medicine in racks/ Shelves.

  • Cold Storage facilities available for 2-8 degree & -20 to -10 degrees

  • 24/7 cloud based online temperature monitoring and thermal mapping.

  • Premises access control facility is available to avoid unauthorized access

  • Stock reconciliation is done on monthly basis and report is published to management.

  • All equipment's are calibrated & validated on yearly basis

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Medical S

Medical Services

Medybiz delivers quality care with compassion. We bring quality medical care into our patient’s homes and aim to make primary healthcare not only more accessible but also more affordable and accountable to our patient’s needs. We offer a variety of healthcare services in the comfort of our patient’s homes, including:

  • Nursing services (shot-term nursing  & long-term nursing services)

  • Nursing Attendents

  • Physiotherapy

  • Doctor consultation

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Peritoneal Dialysis care at home

  • Vaccination

India’s leading healthcare company with 100+ top hospital partnerships along with 7 lakh+ annual patients visit and 1 million+ successful patient services delivered.


Medicine Refill Management

Medybiz has been providing genuine and quality health care products to PAN India for the last 14 years. Our Robust Refill Management System helps patients receive medicines on time. We provide multi-channel engagement /support through the following touchpoints for better disease management:

How we work-Helpline Support

  • Dedicated helpline number for support

  • 24/7 helpline support

  • Available with multi-lingual support

  • 100% call recording and patient data retention

  • Secure patient data protection and storage

  • Team of trained agents to address patient queries

  • Assist with enrollments and documentation

  • Patient education and disease management

  • Addressing stressors/concerns

  • Recommendations as per condition

  • Follow up as recommended on adherence to therapy 

 With PV and AE management


Medical Equipment

Getting medical equipment on rent or purchase at your doorstep has never been this convenient. During difficult phases of life, you or your loved one might need to rely on various medical equipment to get back to normal life. Medybiz offers a wide range of medical equipment for rent or purchase making healthcare more accessible and affordable for you.

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medical Equip

Chronic Disease Management

Our chronic disease management provides following services - 

  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

  • Hypertension

  • Onco-Care 

  • Heart Failure

  • Diabetes



Our Diabetes Care Program Plan

In-Control Diabetes management program was created with a vision to help people manage their diabetes at the comfort at their homes with our expert counsellors, Doctors and Health Managers assistance who will work with patients to help track and manage blood sugar levels. With a customised diet plan depending on your preferences and lifestyle.


Our team of Diabetic nurses and nutritionists work closely (on phone) with every patient to help them on a range of issues, with the overarching aim to increase blood sugar levels.

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Chronic D


Medybiz has been providing at-home and on-site vaccination : for corporates and individuals. 400000+ patients were vaccinated PAN India, and 200000+ patients were served for COVID vaccination in 7 states and multiple corporates; 30000+employees vaccinated from major IT hubs; 15000+ patients get vaccinated every year for annual flu vaccination; 3000+ patients get vaccinated every year for HPV vaccination. Our major vaccinations are:

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination

  • H1N1 Vaccination

  • Typhoid Vaccination

  • Chicken Pox Vaccination

  • Pneumonia Vaccination

  • HPV Vaccination

  • Shingles vaccination


Importance Of Vaccination

Prevention is better than cure and as such it is always advisable to get vaccinated for the varied diseases rather than suffer and seek medication. Vaccination forms a line of defence for our body and prevents it from getting infected with any infectious disease, some of which can be fatal. Thanks to vaccination several diseases like polio and smallpox have been successfully eradicated. In fact, the Government of India has made a list of vaccines to be compulsory administered to kids that provide protection from diseases like – Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Pertusis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Rubella and Rota virus.

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We Medybiz pharma have done COVID Children Isolation program and trained them on how to isolate the children in home set-up or in Children Isolation centre.

We are also joining hands with SOS children; it is one of the largest self-implementing child care NGO'S in India which support a vulnerable child in a community with our Family strengthening programme.

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