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Certificate Of Registration


Company Insights :

Medybiz Pharma is the largest home healthcare company in India, with 14 years of experience in the healthcare domain. With 4 major branch hubs in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, we aim to reach every corner of the country.

We aim to revolutionize the home healthcare sector, by bringing high-quality, affordable healthcare and patient service to customers’ homes. We follow the 3 A’s – Accessibility, Affordability and Accountability.

We majorly deal with SPS (Speciality Pharma Services) tied up with major pharma MNC’s to serve patients; in addition, we also support patients in their healthcare journey through our PSP and PAP.

Quality Certifications :

Medybiz was the first home healthcare brand to receive the ‘Mark of sustained quality’.

The brand has been accredited by the Quality and Accreditation Institute (QAI), which is the gold standard for home healthcare; it helps in setting standardization norms and providing accreditation to organizations in the domain, which will enable home healthcare solutions to be covered by health insurance and make them more affordable for the masses. QAI designed these standards with the support of a Technical Committee comprising health industry leaders and stalwarts of home healthcare in India including Medybiz Pharma.

The QAI standards rely on measurable criteria to ensure proper governance, competent human resources, adequate facility, appropriate information management, quality improvement opportunities, and safe practices. The organization accredits home healthcare organizations by evaluating them on 69 standards and 278 parameters, spread across 9 chapters.

Medybiz has been certified by British Standards Institution (BSI) as per the norms of ISO. 

Accreditation – 1.Quality Management System ( QMS ) 2. ISO 9001: 20152 3.  Information Security Management system – ISMS / IEC 27001:2013. The efficiency and the quality practices we encourage and implement at our organization.

Quality Compliance Insights :

Quality compliance has always been our No. 1 priority, ever since our inception. With a subtle focus on following the ISO standards, we have implemented many activities such as branch audit, process audit, internal audit, dip check, training, etc.

SOPs (Standard Operating Systems) are in place to ensure a smooth flow of the entire transaction process. These SOPs enable the monitoring of every activity to make sure it is going in the right track.

Branch compliance – At every branch level, stock audit is performed at regular intervals; temperature is checked thrice a day to ensure the correct storage of cold-chain and non-cold-chain products. We also have an online cloud facility for remote access. All equipment is calibrated annually to check the efficiency of the devices.


Transaction audit – Every lead is checked before it is processed for delivery. It involves validation of documents and delivery of medicines as per the protocol. Monthly transaction audits are performed to prevent deviation.

Training – Every new employee is thoroughly trained, so that they have complete knowledge about the process. Existing employees are provided refresher training in order to give more strength for the process works.

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