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Frequently Asaked Qestions

1. What is PAP?
Ans: PAP, or Patient Assistance Program, is our flagship program through which we provide medical assistance to patients by partnering with clients who are large pharma companies. This is a free-of-cost service for the benefit of patients.
2. Where are the locations of Medybiz?
Ans: We currently operate in both wholesale and retail distribution areas, in 11 cities pan-India 
3.What are the key diseases you address?
Ans: Diabetes, Different types of cancer, Heart diseases, Pulmonary (Lung) disorders.
4. Is vaccination available at your company?
Ans: Yes! We provide vaccination services for various acute and chronic diseases such as H1N1, Hepatitis, Cervical Cancer, COVID-19, Chickenpox and Pneumonia.
5. I need an oxygen concentrator, but I am unable to get one at an affordable price. What should I do?
Ans: We will provide you the medical equipment at the most affordable price. You can avail either door delivery or courier.
6. Will my personal data be safe and secure?
Ans: Yes. We have tech-driven MIS, portals, and apps, where your data is entered, so that it remains protected. For security purposes, all calls are recorded.
7. I’m finding it difficult to use the equipment I have availed of. Do you provide a user manual or catalogue for the equipment?
Ans: Yes. In addition to this, our equipment delivery executives, biomedical engineers, and DMLT technicians provide hands-on training on how to use the product, based on patient request.
8. Do you manufacture any medicine on your own?
Ans: No. We are purely dealers in medicines; we only facilitate the distribution of medicines by partnering with companies and other suppliers.

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